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Your start-to-finish guide to washing, drying, and defeating even the most stubborn stains once and for all.

Meet the Legacy of Clean laundry lineup.
These planet-positive laundry products contain biodegradable ingredients,
are phosphate-free, and fragranced using essential oils. They’re also effective. Using the LEGACY OF CLEAN TM laundry products boosts overall cleaning and stain-removal ability far beyond using detergent alone.

Lengthen the life of your wardrobe.
Taking proper care of your clothes and effectively removing stains can keep clothes looking great, longer. Use these laundry tips and stain solutions to do just that!

• Smart sorting. The number one rule of laundry? Divide and conquer. Separate your colors from your whites, heavily soiled items from lightly soiled ones, and heavy fabrics from lighter ones, for cleaner clothes and longer-lasting linens.

• What is it? The more you know about the spot or stain, the better your chances of removing it. But we all get those “mystery spots” once in a while. (Mystery spots are an everyday occurrence if you have kids.) So when in doubt, rinse it out. Use cold water to rinse or soak the stain before treating or washing. And whatever you do, don’t rub! Rubbing can spreads stains and can actually damage fabric.

• Don’t delay! The sooner you attack the spot, the easier it will be to remove. Another great habit to get into is spot-checking wet laundry before you put it in the dryer. Drying can set stains – sometimes permanently.

• Wash it away! After treating a stain, toss the item in the washing machine to remove any residue left from the stain or the stain remover. To get clothes their cleanest, they need to be able to move freely in enough water to carry away the soil. Begin filling your washing machine with water, add detergent and any additives, then add laundry – but be careful to not overload the washing machine. If stains are stubborn, treat and wash them again.

Turn the dial to the stain you need to remove, then read the solution in the window.

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