A letter to new IBOs,

This is a letter from your upline consultants to say "Welcome to the Team", and congratulations on making a wise decision to move forward with your business. We are committed to assist you in your business growth, and we will provide you with the mentorship, consultation, and guidance that you need as you develop your business.

When you were first introduced to the business plan, you were told about 50/150. This means that an IBO should strive to do at least 50 PV in retail customer business, and at least 100 pv in self use or any combination of customer and self use volume, as long as at least 50 of the total 150 is from retail customers each month. It is a fact that when IBOs do at least 50/150 consistently, they have a much better chance for financial success. Even though there are no quotas or mandatory volume requirements in this business, it should be obvious that if you do nothing you will make nothing. We will show you how to do 50/150 by simply using your own products consistently, and having around 10 or more customers. In this welcome letter, we will share a few important points that can help an IBO to be profitable and reach the Platinum level.

IMPORTANT POINT # 1) Change your buying habits. As a business owner, you will want to support your own business, especially with the Nutrilite Food Supplements and Drinks, XS Energy Products, Artistry and/or Tolsom Skin Care Products, and the Personal Care and Home Care products. These products represent the areas where your biggest business opportunity exists to create a lot of volume. On the last page of this welcome letter, you will find a Household Conversion Form. As IBOs, we use this form to convert our homes from the products that we used prior to becoming an IBO, to products that we use from our own business. When you get to the last page of this letter, you should use this form to convert your own house, and then place an order for products from your business. Remember that when you buy from your business, you will be putting bonuses in your pocket, but when you buy from the stores you are putting money in the store owners pocket. Be sure to talk to your upline consultants about a great scheduled delivery program called Ditto Delivery. This can save you time, and make the ordering process very simple.

IMPORTANT POINT # 2) We can not emphasize enough about the importance of getting around the team. There is a weekly business meeting that takes place to provide training, and encouragement. It is important that you attend these meetings, both online meetings and meetings with your local team. We know that you are busy with different things that you deal with on a daily basis, but remember that every successful person is extremely busy also. They simply decided to make the time, not try to find the time. We suggest that you do the same. Make the time!

IMPORTANT POINT # 3) We suggest that you educate yourselves by listening to CDs on a regular basis. There are several categories of CDs. One type is teaching CDs, the next type is encouragement and motivation CDs, and the last type of CD is stories from IBOs who have reached levels of success, and they share with you some of the pitfalls to avoid. All of these different CDs are very important for your continued business growth. If you want to see good results as a business owner, we suggest that you sign up on the Membership Subscription CD and Book program so that you can hear from millionaires, and other successful IBOs who will share their millionaire mentality with you. Even though the Membership Subscription Program is optional, it provides necessary information for you to get properly trained on many aspects of your business. We encourage you to listen to the CDs and read the great positive mental attitude books from our business. Both the CDs and the books will be very helpful for your personal development as well as your business development. Ask your consultants about how to get on the Membership Subscription program.

IMPORTANT POINT # 4) Please understand that this is a great business, but obviously there will be minor challenges along the way as you develop your business. This is expected in any business as you get it going, so don't get frustrated with the minor challenges that come along. If you keep your eyes focused on the goal of financial success, the little challenges that occur will always be very minor. Have faith, and treat your business with professionalism, and we believe that you can achieve whatever level of success that you desire in this business, if you are willing to put forth the time and effort.

IMPORTANT POINT # 5) We encourage you to develop a strong relationship with your upline consultants and mentors. The leadership team is very knowledgable about this business and can provide you with the knowledge and consultation to help you to reach Platinum and beyond. Remember that your entire line of sponsorship will be there to assist you each step along the way, as long as you want the help. But the bottom line is that it will be up to you to put forth the effort necessary to make some changes in your life. Feel free to contact any of your upline consultants as you move forward in your business development.

IMPORTANT POINT # 6) Please understand that you will get out of your business, what you put into it. If you do very little, you will receive very little. But if you put forth more effort, you will receive more financial blessings. Be willing to change, because if you continue to do what you've always done, you will continue to get what you've always had. We encourage you to be willing to change, and treat your business seriously, because if you do, your business will reward you with serious results.

Keep in mind that there will always be people who will try to tear you down for going into your own business, and some will even try to tell you that you won't succeed. Well we are here to tell you that you CAN succeed in this business if you are willing to "Listen, Learn, and Follow the Pattern" of others who have succeeded in this business. Amway Global did over $11 Billion in business last year (that's equivalent to $30 million per day). Obviously this business is working extremely well, and it can work for you if you work it properly.

We encourage you to stay in touch with your upline consultants and mentors. They will help you to reach the goals that you would like to achieve. Seek them out and learn from them so that you can learn how to reach your goals, and change your financial future.

At this point you have a choice - You can choose to do the things we have suggested here or you can choose not to. Just keep in mind that the choices that you make today, determine how you will live tomorrow. We hope and pray that you will choose to listen, learn, and follow the proven pattern of success, and we wish you great success as an independent business owner.